Servant Network launches in Denver

What would you think of a ministry with the mission of assisting the body of Christ by retaining and reclaiming church facilities while also sharing resources for healthy operation of the organization.  This is the primary mission of Servant Network, launching in Denver, CO.    We hope to bless and partner with ‘facility poor’ urban churches by stewarding properties for the greatest church use and kingdom impact, and to provide desired information through a network of experienced church leaders so that multiple ministries can utilize the facility as base camp.

Servant Network seeks to serve as a unifying and connecting ministry within the body of Christ by offering time, talent, and treasure to like minded ministries.   Servant Network seeks to best serve the health and unifying effort of the Christian community.

Imagine a land locked struggling urban church.  What would be the impact of having Servant Network care for the facility while the church still carries on her mission on site?  How about if other ministries were able to also share the facility and minister to the surrounding community?  How about if a prayerful demographic study indicated a new type of church should be launched, and even share the facility with other established churches?  What if those ministries shared some common core values, but served different segments of the community, and did so with diverse methods?  Could this be the type of variety, collaboration, and unity that would please the Lord?  We all have struggles with sharing, however, this type of collaborative environment may be both an exercise in good stewardship of resources and a unified presence to a watching world.

As we find our path of best serving the body of Christ, we have welcomed godly advisers to speak into the process.  We welcome your input as well…


About Gary Coiro

Nonprofit & Church Leader Nonprofit Leader and Consultant since 2004, following 15 years as a pastor. Competencies include board development, fundraising, staff development and management, strategic planning, church work, Bible teaching, and capital campaigns. Currently consulting and serving on the Church Ministries Management Team for a large multi-cultural evangelical church.
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5 Responses to Servant Network launches in Denver

  1. Gary says:

    It concerns me when I see church facilities converted to law offices, dental centers, or banks. I applaud any effort to retain these buildings for kingdom purposes. The additional benefit would be a re-energized church as they embrace an influx of like-minded ministries – sharing the common tool of a building. When coupled with leadership training to launch unique community focused churches within these buildings – the concept gains even more appeal. Let’s keep asking the broad question, “How can be best serve the kingdom?”

  2. Phil Mershon says:

    What a great vision! So many churches and ministries are constrained by a lack of adequate, affordable facilities. Others are burdened by facilities they can no longer maintain. What a shame to see gospel-preaching churches abandon parts of the city just because they can no longer afford to stay there! Even more disappointing would be to see those churches–once dedicated to the glory of God–become mere places of commerce.

    May God bless Servant Network in their work of reclamation and service to the churches and ministries that eventually inhabit these buildings!

  3. Yahoo! I’m pretty sure you are including secular as well as sacred facilities correct? One of the reasons we don’t see conversion growth is not only our longing to be liked by those we so desperately want to impress, but because we are so removed from most unbelievers’ daily lives. Our weekly huddles in churchland not only isolate us from them emotionally & socially, but also geographically. And most church buildings sit by themselves surrounded by big/small “moats” of asphalt parking lots. Now if we owned/co-owned strip malls or multi-use “secular” facilities (hotels, big box stores in busy commercial centers, office buildings) we would have more of a non-Christian geographic presence and foot traffic through “churchland”. For our heavily mortgaged “fortress” church buildings, we should all consider how to shift to a “building share” approach. During the week most facilities have empty offices/rooms to lease out to other businesses, & ministries. Growing up I shared one bathroom with five siblings! It may hurt a bit but it can be done.

  4. Ron Johnson says:

    God is up to something very good in Denver. The clans are uniting like never before. Servant ministries will be one of many catalysts that helps create fresh expressions of community and God’s presence in the various neighborhoods of our city. I love the vision and heart of these humble souls who are so willing to work behind the scenes helping others succeed.

  5. Joe Beckler says:

    This makes God-sized sense! I’ve been dreaming with leaders, in urban Denver, about the use of church facilities as locations for multiple ministry/ community initiatives. We’ve thought about a revolving door with multiple churches/ church plants using the facility. Diversity in who uses the facility would be an amazing thing! I’ve also talked with others about the idea of an on-sight case worker who could serve as a broker of sorts, matching community needs with already running (and effective) Denver ministries and initiatives. Through the power of holistic Gospel application, such a sight could give life to an otherwise dying community, in the name of Jesus!

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