Evaluate Your Pastor

Pastors need shrewd and loving input in their lives too – ever consider an evaluation process that is full of grace and truth?  Here is a sample evaluation form to get you thinking about how iron might sharpen iron…


PASTORAL STAFF EVALUATION                       YOUR NAME:_______________


PASTOR:_________________         APPRAISAL PERIOD:  _____ TO ____


As leaders called to care for the flock, we wish to submit to the counsel of our  pastor peers and deacons; as well as model humility, accountability, teachability, and growth.  We therefore ask you to honestly assess our ministries with the goal of increasing our impact through your encouragement (being a friend with a hug, a cheer, and/or a stick).



Please rate the pastor on each of the items listed below.  The scale to be used begins at 1 (unsatisfactory) and ends at 10 (outstanding).  Comments to explain and justify the ratings are needed (under ‘as measured by’) to assist in the reflection and growth of the pastor.

Areas of Purpose:


1. Exaltation – assessment of the pastor’s focus on doing all for the glory of the Lord:


as measured by:



2. Encouragement – assessment of the pastor’s fellowship with the church and practice of the ‘one another’ commands:


as measured by:



3. Evangelism – assessment of the pastor’s leadership in the spreading of the ‘good news’:


as measured by:



4. Edification – assessment of the pastor’s role in building up the people of the church unto maturity in Christ:


as measured by:



5. Equipping – assessment of the pastor’s role in training the people of the church for their ministry in God’s kingdom:


as measured by:



Areas of Evaluation:


1. Character – assessment of the pastor’s walk with God and His people; his faithfulness to God’s work and word, his integrity, example, and biblical qualifications (I Timothy 3 and Titus 1):


as measured by:




2. Compassion – assessment of the pastor’s heart for people and the ministry of shepherding:


as measured by:




3. Competence – assessment of the pastor’s ability, diligence, focus, and expertise in performing his ministry at a level of excellence:


as measured by:




4. Quantity of Work – the volume of purposeful work accomplished:


as measured by:




5. Quality of Work – the excellence of work and ministry performed:


as measured by:




6. Teachable – evaluation of the pastor as an approachable, humble learner who is willing to examine new information with the goal of enhanced ministry:


as measured by:




7. Relationships – assessment of the pastor’s openness to relationships in general and cooperation with and sensitivity to others:


as measured by:




8. Leadership – assessment of the pastor as leader; a purposeful, visionary agent of impact.  Demonstrates initiative, sets goals and works toward them, while leading others to also be purposeful in their ministry:


as measured by:




9.  Management – provides excellent oversight and direction to ministry areas and ministry leaders, plans well, is well organized:


as measured by:




10. Communication – keeps people informed, stays in touch with people, speaks well, corresponds well:


as measured by:




11. Servanthood – sees himself as a servant, views authority and leadership as a way of serving others:


as measured by:




12. Dependability – keeps commitments, can be counted on, is readily available, his ministry is not hindered by absenteeism; is approachable and accessible:


as measured by:




13. Additional Category:____________________:




14. Additional Category:____________________:






15. Overall Evaluation – assessment of the pastor’s ministry and person as it relates to their pastorate:













Please offer any additional comments that may not have been addressed in the above portion of the evaluation.  Offer comments related to strengths as well as growth areas.  Please offer recommendations for helping the pastor to improve in growth areas.




About Gary Coiro

Nonprofit & Church Leader Nonprofit Leader and Consultant since 2004, following 15 years as a pastor. Competencies include board development, fundraising, staff development and management, strategic planning, church work, Bible teaching, and capital campaigns. Currently consulting and serving on the Church Ministries Management Team for a large multi-cultural evangelical church.
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