Ways to Use Social Media [Facebook, Twitter, etc.] to Engage Donors

  • Create a Facebook Group for Volunteers and Donor Engagement

You recruited the donors, now keep the relationships going! Let them show all their friends on Facebook that they’re supporting you. Have your organizations send out updates. Post pictures of people volunteering. Create a community where your supporters can write on the group wall and share their passion for the cause together through discussions, photos, videos, and more. Most importantly, respond to them…engage with them. This is an opportunity to get to know your supporters on a more personal level and share.

You also have the opportunity to use Facebook Causes to drive interaction within your community via your Group or Page. The tool allows users to raise money from their peers by creating pages to support your organization. You create the cause and the user supports that cause through advocacy throughout the Facebook world.
Remember that fundraising is not the only reason to use a Group, Page, or Causes application for your community. You need to also focus on stories and content so that more people to interact and build the brand around your mission.

  • Get Your Executive Director or Staff on Twitter

This social platform gives you the power to not only gain access to millions of people, but lets you interact with as many of those millions as you want.  With Twitter, nonprofits can share links, give minute-by-minute updates (if you so choose) and even see what similar nonprofits are up to. The executive director is a credible member of the organization that knows what’s going on in every area of operation. This does not mean the leader of the organization has to spend enormous amounts of time on Twitter. It means that the executive director is the leader of the organization. The personal brand of the director is extremely important to the social value of the organization.

He/ she can use this as the ultimate public relations/ marketing tool and effectively communicate in an effortless manner. But, again…don’t forget to engage. Comment on a link someone shared with you. Answer supporter’s questions they post.  Twitter allows for ongoing conversations, which builds trust, transparency, and loyalty.

  • Use ShareThis Functionality on Website to Encourage Online Sharing

The most effective form of marketing you could possibly have is word-of-mouth. If someone is incredibly pleased with your organization, they’re going to talk about it over dinner with their family, at book club, the gym, etc…In the digital world, this translates into the ShareThis function. This allows for anyone to share links via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Email, Google Buzz, basically anywhere! If one person shares with one other person, shares with one other person…you get the point.

  • Create a Blog to Allow Donors to Share Their Own Story

Stories of impact can tug at those heartstrings and show others what a desperate need there is for your organization, and then what you are doing to help eliminate the problem. There is no better way than to give donors the opportunity to share their experiences with the organization. By starting a blog just for sharing stories, you give supporters an easy way to read about REAL people.  When content slows, you post stories that you’ve recently received from staff, participants, and volunteers – then, encourage and give them the outlet, and they will tell a fantastic, heart-filled story that will melt anyone who is exposed to it. People from all over will be able to come read this blog and relate, comment and not only interact with one another, but learn more about how wonderful your organization is and what a difference its making.

Want to learn more?  Post content by Kyle Lacy.  Kyle is principal at MindFrame, a fundraising and donor engagement company. He is the writer of Twitter Marketing for Dummies and Branding Yourself. Find out more at his blog – KyleLacy.com.

How are you using Social Media to engage donors?

About Gary Coiro

Nonprofit & Church Leader Nonprofit Leader and Consultant since 2004, following 15 years as a pastor. Competencies include board development, fundraising, staff development and management, strategic planning, church work, Bible teaching, and capital campaigns. Currently consulting and serving on the Church Ministries Management Team for a large multi-cultural evangelical church.
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2 Responses to Ways to Use Social Media [Facebook, Twitter, etc.] to Engage Donors

  1. Prince says:

    l hope it creates confidence among all stakeholders and be open not only to donors and their friends but to international community.
    This social media will be used for awareness and advocacy and networking for common minded friends
    We support your idea with one heart

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