Peter, Step Out of the Boat

This week, I will be creative.

Throughout human history, God has constantly innovated. Are you in the flow of what God wants to do now?

Some things never change. God’s Word, for example, isn’t going anywhere. It’s staying put. Even in this world of chaotic change, it won’t be moved. The principles by which God designed the universe are locked in.

But that’s just hardware. Throughout human history we see God’s continuous updating of the software. Before there was a Temple, how did people worship? Then there was a Temple — but then there wasn’t again. God spoke through mankind’s mouths for who knows how long? Then he directed his Word to be written on scrolls. When Gutenberg started cranking out multiple copies on his first press, God didn’t flinch; he had to be glad! Marconi invented the “wireless,” and pretty soon somebody thought to read Scripture on the radio. Billy Graham did big crusade meetings promoted through newspapers. Rex Humbard and Oral Roberts pioneered weekly television ministry. Today, there’s ministry by audio, video, CD, DVD, the Internet — and whatever comes next.

God’s Word still reads the same. But the techniques for communicating it have changed from era to era.

I have to morph too. I can’t get stuck on a format for communicating the Gospel — I can only afford to be stuck on the Gospel! My ministry should be doing what is most effective. In the strangest story Jesus ever told, in Luke 16, the wasteful company manager faces the prospect of an audit — and certain termination. We expect him either to throw himself on the master’s mercy or get fired as he deserves. But neither happens. The squanderer’s response to his dilemma is to offer deep discounts to prime customers, to get on their good side before the audit takes place.

Then, of course, we’re sure he’s going to get a vicious reprimand from the boss. But again, Jesus as storyteller twists the plot unexpectedly. The owner shows up and applauds the wasteful manager — for being crafty! The manager was using whatever techniques he could today in order to achieve good results tomorrow.

I have to take a deep breath and ask God to give me his next amazing new idea. It’s scary, in the natural, but then God hasn’t called me to live “in the natural.” He’s called me to live in the supernatural — and that’s where the miracles will happen … once I’m willing to go there.

Creativity is a God thing. I want to be doing the God thing this week!

My Prayer for the Next Seven Days… Lord, I can easily grow comfortable doing things the way I’ve always done them. Would you please — as gently as you can — nudge me out of my comfort zone this week, and reveal your innovative will for me and my ministry? Amen.

Isaiah 43:18-19
Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.

About Gary Coiro

Nonprofit & Church Leader Nonprofit Leader and Consultant since 2004, following 15 years as a pastor. Competencies include board development, fundraising, staff development and management, strategic planning, church work, Bible teaching, and capital campaigns. Currently consulting and serving on the Church Ministries Management Team for a large multi-cultural evangelical church.
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