Collaborative Intelligence

J. Richard Hackman offers something much bigger in terms of assessing team effectiveness in his book “Collaborative Intelligence.” Although he wrote that the book was put together with intelligence, defense, crisis management and law enforcement readers in mind, it presents cogent ideas for anyone utilizing or involved in team operations (that is, almost anyone).

Hackman wrote that he judges team effectiveness on the basis of three dimensions. Further, he does not count as a success any team that fails on any of the three.

The dimensions are:

  • The productive output of the team — its product, service or decision — meets or exceeds the standards of quantity, quality and timeliness of the team’s clients. The client is anyone who receives, reviews and uses the output;
  • The social processes that the team uses in carrying out the work enhance members’ capability to work together interdependently in the future; and,
  • The group experience, on balance, contributes positively to the learning and professional development of individual team members.

from NPT



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