Serve Your Wife – Do the Limbo and see “How low can you go?”

Husbands, Love your wives… Ephesians 5 says it all…

Written by my wife, Tracey Tiernan:  It’s no small thing. Getting up at 4am when he doesn’t have to get up for hours. Making me coffee, reading devotions, praying for me…for us. And is if that wasn’t enough, he gets his shoes and coat on and goes outside to shovel, scrape and warm up my snow-covered car. Then he comes back in to take my arm and escort me safely to my car..with a smile.
It’s no small thing.
I am a woman who has been on her own for a long time. Decades. Don’t get me wrong- I am not bitter about that time. It was good. It sounds cliché, but I really did have the time and space to develop an intimate relationship with God. I have amazing friends. I have amazing friends with amazing husbands who have been surrogate handy men, helping me move things, hang things and fix things. And always I have felt grateful. But also, may I tell the truth here? Sometimes I also felt like I was… too much. Too much trouble, too much work, just too much.
That’s what can happen in a women’s heart when she needed a man to comfort and care for her and he didn’t come through. That’s what is imprinted from her asking for what she needed and being shamed for it. The world is full of little girls in grown up bodies with big holes in their hearts afraid to want or need anything from a man.
So here I am, almost 50 years old and newly married to a man who is re-wiring my heart one day at a time. A man who loves me as God commands him, not because he has to, but in his words, he gets to.
It’s no small thing.
My girls.. I am praying for you today that the Lord who knows every single moment that has shaped a hole in your heart will re-wire it with whatever tools He chooses and that you would let go of your pain, anger and fear… and believe you are loveable.
It’s no small thing.
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