Change for God

Changing in order for God to use you…     


This week, I will change.

You’ve got to be willing to morph in order for God to use you to the max.

Anyone who lives on milk, being still an infant, is not acquainted with the teaching about righteousness. But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.

~  Hebrews 5:13-14

There was once a woman, serving on the staff of a ministry, who complained all the time. Complained about everything. And what did people in that organization say about her? She’s always been like that — she’ll always be like that.

There was a man in a ministry who acted as if he were the center of the universe. His colleagues were there to serve him. The donors were there to serve him. If they weren’t serving his needs according to his schedule and his preferences, he growled, or worse. And what did people in that ministry say about him? Oh, that’s just him — he’s always been like that — he’ll always be like that.

A person working in another ministry often managed to offend someone on the staff. And what did people in that ministry say? Well, that’s just the way that person is — always been that way — probably always gonna be that way.

A lot of us are stuck. The way we are is the way we’ve been for years. The idea of growing into something new and different has not really taken hold in us.

In fact, for a lot of us, the term “spiritual growth” is kind of nebulous. Discipleship … following Christ … becoming a better Christian … What do these phrases really mean?

If authentic spiritual growth had to be reduced to a single plain-English word, it would be change.

God’s idea for me is that I will be different a year from now than I am today.

If I am not comfortable with the idea of changing, I can’t expect to grow spiritually. I can’t expect to have more success dealing with challenges and problems that come my way. I won’t! As long as I’m the way I am, I will keep on having the same frustrations, the same failures, that I’ve had all along.

Most of us are uneasy about change. We have our comfort zone, we don’t like anything to disturb it. But we can’t have spiritual growth unless we’re willing to change.

The Bible takes this so seriously that Psalm 55:19 refers to people “who never change their ways and have no fear of God.” The Psalmist is equating people who never change to people who have no respect for God’s design. And this same verse says that they’re going to suffer as a result. The word the Scripture uses is “afflicted”!

To minister as effectively as I possibly can, I have to be willing to “morph,” in John Ortberg’s terminology. Am I willing to be nudged out of my comfort zone, for the sake of becoming more like Christ … for the sake of being more effective in the Kingdom?

My Prayer for the Next Seven Days… Lord, morph me. Don’t let me get so comfortable the way I am that I miss opportunities to grow according to your ideal for me. For the sake of my ministry, change me! Amen.


About Gary Coiro

Nonprofit & Church Leader Nonprofit Leader and Consultant since 2004, following 15 years as a pastor. Competencies include board development, fundraising, staff development and management, strategic planning, church work, Bible teaching, and capital campaigns. Currently consulting and serving on the Church Ministries Management Team for a large multi-cultural evangelical church.
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3 Responses to Change for God

  1. Florence Toma says:

    How very true. Lord, Your change in me is exactly what I need. Help me become more like You. That is my prayer for me and my loved ones.

  2. Dylan Raines says:

    “They’ll always be that way” is a statement that requires a judgment being made about a person. So, why make ourselves the judge of another person?

    • Gary Coiro says:

      Of course Dylan. Romans 14:4 – commit them to the true Judge. However, let’s always allow the Word and the Mirror to inspire us to grow. Judge ourselves are needing to grow… See 1 Peter 4:17, “For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household”. I want to be better, how about you?

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